DBS, Schroders launch multi-asset fund for retirement income planning

Schroder Asia More+ will be managed by Schroders Singapore and exclusively distributed by DBS. PHOTO: AFP

SINGAPORE (THE BUSINESS TIMES) - DBS and Schroder Investment Management Singapore (Schroders Singapore) on Friday (July 3) announced the launch of a multi-asset fund for retirement income planning, named Schroder Asia More+.

It will be managed by Schroders Singapore and exclusively distributed by DBS, the companies said in a joint press statement.

The fund offers exposure to a range of investment growth themes across Asia, including technology, consumption, logistics and financial services. It is tilted towards Singapore-based assets, enabling investors to tap the long-term growth potential of Singapore, they said.

Investors can choose from three share classes with different payout features to suit their life stage and income needs.

The distribution class offers intended payouts of 5 per cent per annum, while the accumulation class reinvests all potential coupons, dividends and capital gains back into the fund.

Meanwhile, the decumulation class is targeted at investors who are retired. The focus of these investors shifts from accumulating wealth to drawing down from assets, the companies said.

"With intended payouts of 6.88 per cent per annum, investors can expect higher payouts from their retirement investments, while drawing down from their capital over the long term. This is designed for retirees who may be spending longer in retirement and desire an income solution that will support their needs and wants," they added.

The companies said investors in a decumulation phase should stay diversified, build multiple income flows and set up their investments in a way that enables them to generate a consistent income stream.

The fund "provides a simple and affordable way to achieve these aims, empowering Singaporeans, who are living longer, to better protect themselves from outliving their savings during retirement", the companies said.

Lim Soon Chong, regional head of investment products & advisory at DBS consumer banking and wealth management, said the concept of decumulation was "still relatively new" in Singapore, and the lender hopes the fund would "get more Singaporeans to think about managing retirement savings in their twilight years".

"A typical Singaporean can expect to live around 20 years in retirement. Besides monetary distributions from government and pension schemes post-retirement, a steady source of recurring income from private savings and investments to replace income from work is of critical importance," he added.

Lily Choh, Schroders Singapore deputy chief executive, said the company's Global Investor Study last year revealed that Singapore investors had rising income expectations from their investment portfolios, and a vast majority tended to be overly optimistic about how long their retirement savings would last.

"With Schroder Asia More+, we aim to address these gaps and concerns, while also offering a greater peace of mind for investors," she added.

Investments in the fund start from S$1,000. The dynamically-managed fund has no lock-in period and "low management costs", the companies said. Customers can choose to invest in Singapore, US, or Australian dollars. It is Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS)-approved.

SRS is a voluntary scheme to encourage individuals to save for retirement on top of their Central Provident Fund savings.

The fund is open for subscription with an initial offer period until July 15. Interested customers can consult DBS's wealth planning managers. From July 16, the fund will be available via DBS's online channels and TeleAdvisory.

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