Amrita Kaur

The probiotic coffee and tea - developed by NUS researchers (from far left) Ms Alcine Chan, Associate Professor Liu Shao Quan and Ms Wang Rui - can be stored for more than three months without compromising their probiotic viability.
Participants pedalling on stationary bikes in a pool during an Aquaspin class led by co-founder Yannick Dedigama at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway.
Try burpees, lunges or squats on a floating exercise mat in a pool at Skyline Aqua's FloatFit HIIT class. Students pole dancing at Slap Dance Studio. The activity incorporates dance and acrobatics. Jumping fitness involves aerobic exercises on mini t
Stand-up comedienne Sharul Channa took up pole-dancing classes this year.
Dr Leroy Kiang, a dentist, built his physique through strength training and by paying attention to his nutrition.
A morning mindfulness class at Tampines Changkat Butterfly Garden led by Brahm Centre chief executive officer and principal Angie Chew (centre). Yoga instructor Danielle Hajar guiding a student.
Dr Errol Chan, a consultant ophthalmologist at LSC Eye Clinic, testing how well a patient can see with the use of an eye chart.
For freelance illustrator Tiffany Tan, a fitness routine does not have to be a strict regimen and should encompass different activities like cycling and taking walks.