The Unsolved Mysteries of South-east Asia Podcast: The plane that vanished into thin air

Eight years after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 vanished after taking off, the unsolved mystery is still making shock waves. The Straits Times explores two key theories surrounding its disappearance. PHOTO: AFP

In this episode, we revisit the mystery of Malaysian flight MH370, the plane that vanished into thin air on 8 March, 2014.

ST's Malaysia correspondent Hazlin Hassan narrates and also speaks with the following guests - French journalist Florence De Changy, who has written her book called The Disappearing Act: The Impossible Case of MH370, ST's Malaysia bureau chief Shannon Teoh.

She also interviews the husband of a passenger on board MH370 - management consultant K.S. Narendran and Dr Joel Low, a clinical psychologist.

Highlights (click/tap above): (Headphones recommended)

2:05 Recap on what happened to flight MH370 eight years on

5:55 Crash location: What data and debris washing ashore in six different countries point to

7:55 Theory #1: British retiree Richard Godfrey predicts where the plane crashed

8:43 Theory #2: French journalist Florence De Changy believes that the plane was shot down from above the South China Sea

15:45 ST Malaysia bureau chief Shannon Teoh explains how the information gap has dogged investigations from the very start 

20:07 One family member of a MH370 passenger finds catharsis writing about his personal ordeal

22:40 Why alternative theories and wild speculation still proliferate as people struggle to find ways to cope in the aftermath of disaster

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Produced by: Tan Jia Ning (, Hazlin Hassan (, Magdalene Fung (, Ernest Luis and Teo Tong Kai

Edited by: Teo Tong Kai

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