Tired of being criticised for her cooking, woman in India poisons to death 5 family members

NEW DELHI (XINHUA) - Indian police have arrested a 28-year-old woman for allegedly poisoning food that led to the deaths of at least five people and hospitalisation of 120 others in the western state of Maharashtra.

The horrific incident took place at Mahad village in the state's Raigad district, some 75 km from capital Mumbai, last week.

"After five days of intense probe, we arrested housewife Pragya Survase on charges of mixing insecticide in food that was served to guests at one of her relative's housewarming party in Mahad village Monday (June 18)," a senior police official said Saturday.

Local media reports said that Survase had committed the crime of killing her husband, her parents-in-law and their relatives to take revenge against them as they had time and again taunted her for her dark complexion and also criticised her cooking.

Police zeroed in on Survase after forensic analysis of food samples served at the party confirmed presence of insecticide, traces of which were also found near her relative's house.

During questioning of all family members, she fumbled and later broke down, police said.

"Survase has confessed to the crime citing marital, family disputes," local police chief Anil Paraskar told the media.

Survase has been charged with murder, attempt to murder and conspiracy charges under the Indian Penal Code as some of her victims included children aged seven years, and she faces a maximum of death penalty.

"Further investigation is on," Paraskar added.