A video of a rescued dog gets over four million views

(REUTERS) - A video of a dog being rescued by Animal Aid Unlimited (AAU) in India has gone viral hitting over 4 million views since it was first uploaded onto social media on Sept 24, 2015.

The dog was found by AAU workers on the streets of Udaipur in July.

Ms Claire Abrams Myers from Animal Aid told Reuters that the dog was in a "tragic condition" suffering from severe mange (a parasitic mite that causes infection and scabs in dogs) and "didn't resemble a dog anymore".

Myers said the organisation began treatment by giving the dog IV fluids for several days continuously.

After that the workers gave him antibiotics and anti-inflammitories and finally cured his mange with medicated baths.

Ms Myers told Reuters that the whole process of bringing the dog back to life took two months and that the dog was ultimately "transformed" from "a poor looking animal that was afraid of human touch" into "a cheerful thirsty for petting dog".

Animal Aid Unlimited is a street animal rescue organisation and sanctuary for homeless animals in Udaipur, India.

AAU was founded in 2002 and is currently one of India's biggest rescue groups. AAU's sanctuary is home to 250 animals such as cows, dogs and donkeys that are too disabled to return to the streets and need life-long care.