106-year-old Indian granny becomes YouTube sensation with her traditional cooking tutorials

Country Foods' most popular video, which shows Mastanamma cooking chicken stuffed inside a watermelon over a fire, has received more than 7.7 million views.YOUTUBE/ COUNTRY FOODS

A 106-year-old woman from India has become an Internet sensation, thanks to her endearing cooking tutorials on YouTube.

Mastanamma, who hails from a remote village in Andhra Pradesh, has a channel called Country Foods which now has 327,300 subscribers.

The channel shows her preparing Indian dishes ranging from egg dosas and chicken briyani to emu egg curry and watermelon chicken.

The great-grandmother cooks her food using firewood and other natural fuels, measures ingredients by sight, and uses her nails to peel vegetables.

Country Foods' YouTube channel is managed by Mastanamma's great-grandson K. Laxman and his friend.

"On a hungry night, my friends and I prepared some food for ourselves, and we thought about starting a YouTube channel, so that people could watch and learn from these cooking tutorials," TV channel India Today quoted Mr Laxman as saying.

"Our first video went viral surprisingly. That was when I decided to run this channel, to get people to know and understand the traditional way of cooking with fresh ingredients, with the help of my grandmother.


"She didn't understand what was happening when we were filming the videos, but when she started to realise it, she felt very happy," Mr Laxman added.