Singaporean man shot dead in Philippine city of Paranaque

PARANQUE- A Singaporean man was shot dead while at work at a computer company in a city in the Philippines on Wednesday (Aug 5).

Filipino news site Inquirer reported that the incident happened in broad daylight in Paranaque, one of the major trade and business centers in the country.

The two gunmen shot Stanley Jang, manager of Deltatronix, after asking for the boss of the company, Inquirer reported.

The men, who each carried short firearms, went straight to a cubicle where the Singaporean was, and shot him once in the left side of his face.

"The two suspects, who were wearing bullcaps, rang the doorbell and were let in," Chief Inspector Arnold Dugas, the city's chief investigator, was quoted as saying.

Mr Dugas said the police has not determined the motive for the killing, but noted that nothing appeared to be missing from the establishment.