Woman shot 6 times while driving in Penang: 5 other deadly incidents in Malaysia

Ruby Lee was pronounced dead at the scene, the gunman fired 10 shots at her, with 6 of them hitting her chest.
Ruby Lee was pronounced dead at the scene, the gunman fired 10 shots at her, with 6 of them hitting her chest.PHOTO: THE STAR / ASIA NEWS NETWORK

A Penang resident was shot dead on Tuesday (Feb 21) minutes after she left her office by one of two men on a motorcycle.

Ruby Lee Poh Ai, 49, died on the spot from at least six shots as she was driving out onto the main road that leads to Jalan Bukit Gambir at around 5.45pm.

Malaysian police have classified the case as murder, though the motive is still unknown.

The case is the latest in a series of brutal shootings in the country.

Here are five others:

1. Businessman shot by bodyguard

An upset bodyguard on his first day on the job allegedly shot his boss in the back of the head while they were travelling in a car last December.

Ja'afar Halid, 37, had reportedly become unhappy after businessman Ong Teik Kwong, 32, asked him why he had taken out his firearm at a restaurant earlier.

Ja'afar then began shooting at passers-by, killing a passing motorist and motorcyclist on the Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu highway, with others hit by stray bullets from his gun.

Malaysian police later said that Mr Ong was the head of a criminal group called Gang 24, which had been on the police watch list for some time.


2. Real estate agent gunned down by motorcyclist

Unable to repay his debt to real estate agent Datin Renyce Wong Siew Ling, a Malaysian businessman hired two Perak hitman to dispose of the problem in a literal sense.

Ms Wong, 32, was driving her five children and maid to a restaurant last July when the attack happenend in Taman OUG.

Her eight-year-old daughter, who was in the front passenger seat, was wounded by a stray bullet which pierced her intestines in nine places.

Businessman Chin Kok Leong had owed Ms Wong RM13 million (S$ 4.14 million) for her investment in a ceramics business and she had hired a private investigator to track him down when nothing came out of the business.


3. Former Kranji-based apprentice jockey and family shot dead by relative

Chung Wah Thong, 28, and four members of his family were killed in July last year by a male relative, possibly because he was angry that he could not get money to buy drugs.

Chung, together with his 55-year-old mother Tan Saw Sim, his two-year-old son known as Ah Bee, and Toh Hock Choon, 50, were murdered while sleeping in makeshift living quarters of the chicken-processing factory in Batu Maung operated by Toh.

The killer fled the scene and later died from a gunfight with police.

Chung had relocated to Singapore last January and rode briefly at the Singapore Turf Club (STC) before he was slapped with a one-year disqualification two months later in March.

He had won 30 races, including the Malaysian Group 1 Selangor Gold Cup in 2015.

His wife, Jess Tan, was in George Town with their one-year-old daughter when the incident occurred.


4. Activist shot dead while waiting at a traffic light

Mr Bill Kayong, 43, the political secretary to Miri MP Michael Teoh, was shot in the neck near the E-Mart supermarket on Permyjaya- Kuala Baram Road last June.

He had apparently been shot at close range, with his Toyota pick-up truck riddled with bullet holes on the driver side.

Mr Kayong was a member of one of Sarawak's indigenous tribes and an outspoken campaigner on land rights.


5. Moneylender shot 16 times

Moneylender V. Kandasamy, 43, had stopped his car at a traffic light near the Setapak Central mall last July when the attack happened.

Four men on two motorcycles approached his car from behind before the two pillion riders dismounted and shot him 16 times in broad daylight.

According to his friend who declined to be named, Mr Kandasamy had just bought a new car after suspecting that he was being followed.

Malaysian police said that he had a record of arrest in 2014.