Ukulele cafe hits a high note with customers

A coffee shop encourages its customers to play ukuleles in the Philippines.

MANILA (REUTERS) - The light and cheerful sound of the ukulele fills a coffee shop in the Philippines.

Here at the Uke Box Caffe in Manila, customers are encouraged to pick out a ukulele to play or to just listen.

Sometimes there's even a music instructor to give lessons to beginners.

Ukulele instructor Tryron de Guzman said, "Regardless of your background in life, your music ed or whatsoever, professional, a businessman. As long as you want to relax, this is the instrument that we encourage you to grab."

The idea of relaxing at the cafe has struck a chord with some.

Jana Deborah Mier, doctor and ukulele enthusiast, said, "Weekends are special for me. That's my time with family and also to recuperate from work. So I consider this as an option for relaxation."

A cup of coffee, a ukulele and a song - that's all you may need to fine-tune your day.