The competitive sport of stacking cups

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (REUTERS) - Meet the athletes from Taiwan who have won 11 gold medals at a recent world championship.

It's for a sport called stacking where competitors stack a set of plastic cups into a pyramid or some other sequence, as quickly as possible.

Yang Chu-chun, 15, is the fastest female in her age group.

She took home four gold medals.

"There are a lot of people close behind me who want to catch up to me. So the pressure is quite high, but I have to overcome this, keep calm, and continue to surpass myself, to be my own opponent and keep surpassing myself," said Yang.

Variations of the sport include relays, and competitors can double up.

It's a tough sport, as the youngest athlete, six-year-old Lee Tai-chen, explains, "sometimes they will limit the time and those who didn't finish just have to give up."

They are looking to defend their titles on home turf in the next world championship.