Thai Airways suspends cabin crew over complaint on TikTok about uncleared food trays

Flight attendants did not remove the food trays from the foldable tables at the seats she and two friends occupied on the plane before it landed, TikTok user Praewa_panicha said. PHOTOS: SCREENGRAB FROM PRAEWA_PANICHA/TIKTOK

BANGKOK – Thai Airways has suspended cabin crew members for not removing three food trays from passengers’ foldable tables on a flight from Singapore before it landed in Bangkok last week, following a complaint about the incident in a video uploaded on TikTok.

The employees will be suspended for one month without pay, the airline’s corporate communications team announced on Facebook on Tuesday.

It said the suspensions follow an investigation into the complaint.

TikTok user Praewa_panicha posted a clip on the video hosting platform last week, showing that the food trays on the foldable tables at the seats she and two of her friends were occupying had not been removed before landing.

No flight attendant removed the trays despite her ringing the bell for a flight attendant to do so twice, Praewa said in the clip.

A plastic water bottle fell from one of the tables during the landing, she said, adding that she and her friends had to hold on to the trays to prevent a “mess”.

This inconvenienced her and her friends, she said.

The cabin crew member in charge and flight attendants who were suspended have also been issued warning letters and must undergo “intensive” safety training before they are allowed to return to work, the airline’s corporate communications team said.

The airline prioritises passenger safety and has a checklist that flight attendants must follow before taking off and landing, the Facebook post said. THE NATION/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

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