10-year-old coder of Indonesian descent amazes Apple CEO Tim Cook

JAKARTA (Jakarta Post/Asia News Network) - A 10-year-old boy of Indonesian descent, Yuma Soerianto, reportedly impressed Apple CEO Tim Cook during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, the United States, earlier this month.

Among the several apps Yuma has created,  an app that he developed to help his parents shop for souvenirs on a trip particularly impressed Cook.

According to kompas.com, the app automatically works out the price of goods by adding the local sales tax and currency conversion. Yuma created it during a flight from Melbourne to the US.

Cook expressed amazement upon finding out that the app was created within a few hours. He said he hoped to see what Yuma does next.

Prior to this, Yuma also developed five apps that are currently available from the App Store, namely Let's Stack, Hunger Button, Kid Calculator, Weather Duck and Pocket Poke.

Born in Singapore, Yuma's family moved to Australia eight years ago. He is currently studying at the Middle Park Primary School in Melbourne.

His interest in coding bloomed at the tender age of six, which led him to learn about it from YouTube. Yuma now owns a YouTube channel dubbed Anyone Can Code, teaching others how to make apps using software development tools XCode and Swift.