Singapore and Indonesia Navies conclude bilateral mine exercise at Batam

The RSN and TNI-AL participants interacting during Joint MINEX on board RSS Punggol. PHOTO: MINDEF

The Singapore and Indonesia Navies on Saturday (Aug 26) morning concluded a bilateral mine-countermeasure exercise at Indonesia's Batam island.

The exercise, which took place from Aug 22 to Aug 26, is the 17th in the series.

More than 300 personnel from the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) and the Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) took part in this year's Joint MINEX.

The exercise consisted of shore-based planning, simulation training and breakthrough operations.

The Navies made sure waters at the eastern entrance of the Singapore Strait were cleared of mines for the safe transit of international merchant shipping.

Also included in the exercise were live gunnery-firings and joint mine-countermeasure operations against nine simulated threats off the eastern coast of Bintan island.

The RSN participated in the exercise with two Bedok-class mine-countermeasure vessels - RSS Bedok and RSS Punggol - while the TNI-AL used two Pulau Rengat-classmine-countermeasure vessels - KRI Pulau Rengat and KRI Pulau Rupat - and a Kondor-class Minesweeper, KRI Pulau Rangsang.

The Navies conduct regular professional exchanges, exercises and visits.

They also collaborate through the bilateral socio-civic programme Indo-Sin Bhakti Sosial and the multilateral Malacca Straits Patrol.

The two countries are marking 50 years of diplomatic relations this year.

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