Russian ex-beauty queen posts photos of son, but does not address divorce with Sultan of Kelantan

The former Miss Moscow, Oksana Voevodina, had insisted last week that she was still married to the former Malaysian king.
The former Miss Moscow, Oksana Voevodina, had insisted last week that she was still married to the former Malaysian king.PHOTO: RIHANAPETRA / INSTAGRAM

Former Russian beauty queen Oksana Voevodina, whose split from Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan was recently confirmed by the sultan's lawyer, marked their son turning two months old with an Instagram post on Monday (July 22) to thank fans for their support.

However, the 27-year-old did not address the status of her relationship with Sultan Muhammad V. Instead, she told fans from Malaysia and all over the world that "you have big hearts, because you accepted and supported me".

The former Miss Moscow, who also goes by the name Rihana Oksana Petra, had insisted last week that she was still married to the former Malaysian king, despite numerous reports that the couple divorced last month following a whirlwind romance. The sultan's lawyer confirmed the divorce on Saturday.

In her Instagram post on Monday, she said she was unable to hold back tears of happiness and gratitude while writing the post, as she could not believe that she had received many kind letters from people.

She added that although she was born in a different country and grew up in a different culture, fans in Malaysia have stood by her.

The Straits Times reported on Saturday that Singapore lawyer Koh Tien Hua had confirmed Sultan Muhammad V's divorce from Ms Voevodina last month by three talaqs in the presence of two competent Muslim witnesses.

The traditional Islamic divorce, carried out on June 22, was conducted in accordance with syariah laws.

The Kelantan Syariah Court gave its permission for the divorce and it issued the divorce certificate on July 1.

"Ms Rihana was informed of the irrevocable divorce through her lawyers Alexander Dobrovinsky & Partners of Russia and a copy of the divorce certificate was given to her," said Mr Koh, from Eversheds Harry Elias LLP.

Saya sedang menulis dan saya tidak dapat menahan air mata dari mengalir...dan saya rasa tidak perlu untuk menahannya, kerana ia adalah tangisan kegembiraan dan kesyukuran! Saya masih tidak percaya yang saya menerima bergitu banyak mesej yang baik daripada anda semua. Daripada seluruh pelusuk dunia! Dan sudah tentu saya mahu beritahu kepada semua rakyat Malaysia: anda semua berjiwa besar, kerana menerima dan menyokong saya - seorang wanita dari negara asing dan membesar dengan budaya berbeza. Saya sangat bangga darah Malaysia mengalir dalam anak saya dan saya akan lakukan apa sahaja untuk dia membesar selayaknya dengan kasih anda semua. Dalam hidup saya, saya terpaksa menghadapi pelbagai jenis kejahatan, tipu daya dan hasad dengki. Tetapi anda meyakinkan saya bahawa masih ada kebaikan di dunia ini. Kalaulah saya berpeluang, saya mahu memeluk anda semua dengan kegembiraan . Sokongan dan dorongan anda semua amat berharga bagi saya. Mesej masuk tidak henti-henti, saya akan terus berkongsi kisah hidup saya dengan ikhlas dan jujur. Semoga Allah memberkati anda semua, kawan-kawanku! P.S. Hari ini genap 2 bulan umur Leon. Terus membesar dan bahagia si cilik duniaku.❤️

The lawyer's confirmation followed Ms Voevodina's denial of the split. She reportedly told Malaysian news portal Malaysiakini that she had not been given "any admonition of divorce".

"I was in Russia with my child. We were not in Singapore in June for any divorce proceedings," she said. "This is an act of provocation; we have never been divorced."

The couple's son, Tengku Ismail Leon Petra, was born on May 21, about a year after the couple's surprise marriage in Moscow.

Ms Voevodina said in her Instagram post: "I am so proud that Malaysian blood flows in the veins of my son and I will do everything for him to grow worthy of your love."

She shared two photos of her carrying Leon on Monday, though as in previous posts, the baby's face remained hidden.

Ms Voevodina added that despite facing "malice, slander and envy" in her life, people who flooded her inbox with messages have shown that "there is still a lot of kindness left in the world".

"I will keep sharing all the events of my life with you in an open and honest dialogue," she said.

And to her son, she added: "Keep growing and be happy, my little world."