Python sneakily bites gamer in Malaysia during toilet time

Mr Sabri Tazali found out that the snake had left behind teeth fragments in his buttock. PHOTO: THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

PETALING JAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - A man's habit of playing mobile games while using the toilet was rudely interrupted when a python bit him on the buttock.

Mr Sabri Tazali, 28, who was badly shaken by the incident on March 28, found out two weeks later that the snake had left behind teeth fragments in his buttock after he yanked the reptile away during their encounter in his house in Selayang in Selangor, Malaysia.

"After two weeks, I checked the wound area - there was still half of the snake's teeth. They broke probably because I yanked the snake hard.

"To be honest, I am still traumatised by the incident," he said.

Mr Sabri, who described the incident as an unfortunate moment of his life, explained that he often spends about 15 minutes playing games on his mobile device while defaecating.

That day, Mr Sabri stood up in shock to find that the snake had latched itself onto his buttock, and he pulled it off before throwing it against the wall.

"When I wanted to open the door, I panicked, so I accidentally smashed the door," he said.

Mr Sabri was relieved when he found out it was a non-poisonous snake and the bite was not painful.

He then called the nearby Fire and Rescue Department and the python was captured. He went to Hospital Selayang for treatment and doctors gave him an anti-tetanus shot.

Mr Sabri, who first shared his experience through his Twitter account, said his family has been living in the neighbourhood for 40 years and his encounter was the first such incident to have occurred.

The family has changed the toilet bowl, opting for a white one to replace the maroon one, while the bathroom door was also replaced.

While recovering from his initial shock, he ended up using the toilet of a nearby mosque for two weeks.

Mr Sabri's Twitter post has received more than 2,000 retweets and likes since he first posted his tale on Sunday (May 22).

It has garnered various comments from netizens, with many expressing shock over the incident and sympathy for Mr Sabri.

"I can't imagine it happening to a person with a snake phobia like me. It's so scary to read," wrote a netizen.

Said another one: "This is why when you go to a public toilet or even your own house, before you do your business, it's better to flush first and then occasionally glance at the toilet hole."

Yet another said: "So rude of this snake! It is the one that enters people's toilets, yet it is the one that bites."

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