Pope Francis loses his hat, but not his nerve, during Philippines visit

Of the scores of adoring devotees who lined the 22km route to welcome Pope Francis to the Philippines, just how many realised that their idol was conspicuously bare-headed throughout the journey?

And it was all thanks to the windy conditions in Manila, which contrived to rob the Pope of his trademark white papal skullcap, otherwise known as the zucchetto, as he exited his plane at the Villamor Air Base on Thursday evening.

A particularly strong gust blew the iconic headgear right off his head the moment he emerged from the plane, but kudos to the 78-year-old for his composed reaction. He raised both arms briefly and tried to see where it went before immediately turning back to wave his greetings to the crowd. His sangfroid would have made a supermodel suffering a wardrobe malfunction proud.

Watch the vine of the amusing incident here.

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