Netizens wowed by Philippine cafe that makes eco-friendly drinking straws using palm leaves

Cafe Editha in Dapa, Surigao del Norte, uses eco-friendly straws made of "lukay".
Cafe Editha in Dapa, Surigao del Norte, uses eco-friendly straws made of "lukay".PHOTOS: CAFE EDITHA/FACEBOOK

MANILA (PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - A cafe owner in Siargao island in the Philippines has made an environmental stride by using eco-friendly "lukay" straws as an alternative to plastic straws. Lukay is the local term for palm leaves or coconut fronds.

The cafe owner's shift to the environment-friendly practice is in line with the global effort to end plastic pollution, a problem that has extended to the oceans and marine life.

Ms Sarah Tiu, 37, manager of Cafe Editha in Dapa, Surigao del Norte, told that she decided to use lukay drinking straws after a tour with her family to Corregidor island in Siargao.

"We bought fresh buko (coconut) and they just cut lukay, then made it into straws. So we asked them to teach us (because) we were very impressed with the idea," Ms Tiu said.

As she always wanted to eradicate the use of plastic in her restaurant, she recounted using different substitutes to plastic straws.

"We tried using stainless (steel) straws and paper straws, but our customers didn't like using it," she said.

Just last week, she started implementing the use of lukay straws in the cafe, and even shared some photos of it on its Facebook page.


In her post on April 24, Ms Tiu mentioned that the lukay straw is easy to make and is decomposable.

Its creativity captured the attention of a lot of netizens who also shared their takes on the improvised drinking tube.

Ms Tiu's post has amassed over 14,000 reactions, 1,100 comments, and 25,000 shares by Monday (April 29).

Meanwhile, Ms Tiu also posted on the cafe's Facebook page a link to the YouTube video showing how to make drinking straws out of lukay.