Najib’s wife arrives at Umno HQ as party convenes first top meeting after joining govt

Rosmah Mansor walked briskly to the cordoned-off lift area upon arrival at Umno's headquarters on Dec 8, 2022. PHOTO: THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia’s media personnel were surprised to spot the wife of ex-premier Najib Razak arriving at the headquarters of Umno shortly before 8pm Thursday.

Rosmah Mansor was accompanied by a female aide, The Star daily reported on its website.

She walked briskly to the cordoned-off lift area and was heard telling the media not to take her photograph, the daily said.

Umno around the same time Thursday started a meeting of its supreme council, the first meeting of the party’s top decision-making body after the party’s decision to join the government of Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

The supreme council is chaired by Umno’s president and Najib loyalist, Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi.

Ahead of the meeting, influential supreme council member Puad Zarkashi, a Johor state assemblyman, listed several issues which he said Umno must ask the Anwar administration to expedite.

These, he said in a Facebook posting, included ensuring a “fair trial” for Najib, forming a Royal Commission of Inquiry on former attorney-general Tommy Thomas over his memoirs, as well as addressing the Pedra Branca issue.

Najib started serving his 12-year jail term from Aug 23, after he was found guilty of graft and abuse of power in the first of his five trials relating to troubled state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad. To some in Umno, Najib wasn’t given a fair trial.

Mr Thomas was the A-G under the 2018 Pakatan Harapan government led by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Mr Thomas’ controversial memoirs has been criticised by various groups, including the Attorney General’s Chambers, for allegedly containing elements of incitement and slander.

On Pedra Branca, Umno has been agitating to blame Dr Mahathir for withdrawing in 2018 a Malaysian application in 2017 to overturn the ruling of the International Court of Justice that awarded legal jurisdiction of Pulau Batu Puteh - Malaysia’s name for Pedra Branca - to Singapore.

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