Mobile films and karaoke bring joy to Indonesia's poor

In the poorer parts of Indonesia, films and songs come to the residents through mobile movie theatres and karaoke bars.

DEPOK (REUTERS) - No need to splash out for a night out in this poor Indonesian neighbourhood - film and karaoke has come to the locals in Depok city. 

Entrepreneur Lukman Hakim puts on vintage movies for weddings and parties, salvaging 35 millimetre film as theatres go digital in the country. 

Not only is it affordable for residents, it is also a chance to experience some Bollywood classics, and the locals seem to love it. 

"This is a traditional form of our culture that we should preserve. Nowadays teenagers don't know anything about this kind of theatre, they only know about modern movies," said resident Ika Nurhasanah. 

Bollywood is massive in Indonesia, especially on the Java and Bali islands, where Indian culture influences music and dance. 

That is where 66-year-old Rudi Hantoro comes in. 

He has been peddling his karaoke-bar tricycle around the neighbourhood for five years now, and when he pulls onto the curb, it is a chance for people to let loose at a low budget. 

"I had fun just like the rest of the community - it keeps us amused when we are bored and sometimes exhausted."

Hantoro earns about US$8 (S$11) a day, but he says that is enough for him to fulfill the motto printed on his cart: "eliminate depression and create joy," said resident Yenni Cempaka.