Malaysian mufti says non-Muslims should cover up to prevent Muslims from sinning

KUALA LUMPUR - Amid controversy over several cases of people not being allowed to enter public buildings due to clothes that did not cover their lower legs, a mufti has come out to say that non-Muslims should be "appropriately" dressed in public places, as inappropriately dressed people will cause Muslims to sin upon seeing them.

"Even when we wear properly but we see other people who show their 'aurat', it is haram," Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria told the Malay Mail Online on Saturday, referring to the parts of the body required to be clothed in Islam.

"They should show respect for Muslims and dress more appropriately; they cannot be showing their thighs. It is not wrong for them to dress how they like, but they must be considerate because when we bump into them at public places and see this, it is considered haram (forbidden) for us (Muslims)."

Tan Sri Harussani said as Malaysia is seen as an "Islamic role model country", Malaysians should be more open to appropriate dressing for non-Muslims, reported the Malay Mail Online.

Deputy Education Minister Mary Yap was also reported by news portal Malaysiakini as saying that non-Muslim students should avoid eating and drinking in front of Muslim schoolmates during Ramadan.

Last Saturday, a lawyer Katy Chan could not enter the Department of Survey and Mapping in Kuala Lumpur as she was wearing a knee-length skirt, the Sin Chew Daily News reported.

Last Thursday, it was reported that a woman in her 50s wearing a knee-length skirt was told to change before entering a Penang court complex.

Last Monday, two women were forced to wear sarongs before they were allowed to enter the Selangor State Secretariat building.

On June 16, a woman was reportedly stopped by security at the Sungai Buloh Hospital's gate for wearing shorts.

On June 8, a woman was given a sarong to cover her knees after showing up at the Gombak Road Transport Department office in a knee-length skirt.

On May 7, businessman Wilson Ng said he had to don long black pants to enter Kuala Lumpur International Airport's lost-and-found baggage office. He had shown up wearing knee-length pink shorts and sandals.

Apart from these cases, medal-winning artistic gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi was criticised for her competition outfit at the recent SEA Games.