Malaysian creator of 'nasi lemak' ice-cream unfazed by critics

Nasi Lemak ice cream from Skream Softserve.
Nasi Lemak ice cream from Skream Softserve. PHOTO: FACEBOOK / SKREAM SOFTSERVE

ALOR SETAR (BERNAMA) - "Nasi Lemak Ice-Cream" does sound strange and awkward but Ms Melissa Tan Chia Hui, 25, has succeeded in creating this innovative product - nasi lemak flavoured ice-cream.

Ms Tan, a graduate of Middlesex University in London is determined to leave her graphic design career in Penang to concentrate on her products which are marketed under the brand name Skream Softserve.

A nasi lemak lover, Ms Tan said she came up with the idea to give a new dimension to this traditional Malay dish which is very much loved by all races in Malaysia.

"This is not a gimmick and I am not a hipster trying to seek attention.

"My aim is to produce something delicious, get people to like it and finally agree that this really is nasi lemak ice-cream," she said.

"Although there is no rice served, the main nasi lemak condiments such as peanuts, anchovies, 'sambal', quail eggs and cucumber will be sprinkled over the nasi lemak ice-cream," she told Bernama when met at the Diem Cafe in Alor Setar, Kedah.

Ms Tan said lemongrass and coconut milk were used as ingredients for the ice-cream to make it taste just like nasi lemak.

"All the ingredients are fresh and free of preservatives and chemicals,"said Ms Tan, adding that it took three months of research before she came up with the perfect nasi lemak flavour.

According to Ms Tan, she managed to sell 30 cups on the first day of launch; and yesterday, she sold 144 cups which were priced at RM10 (S$3.20) per cup.

"I received a lot of negative comments over social media.

"To those who say that I am crazy and my product is disgusting, why not have a taste of it before judging," she added.