Malaysia to introduce Public Service Act that separates power between civil servants and political administration

JOHOR BARU (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - The Malaysian government will introduce the Public Service Act which will pave the way for a separation of power between civil servants and the political administration, said Public Service Department director-general Borhan Dolah.

The Bill was being finalised and would likely be tabled in the next Parliament session in March 2019, he said.

"One of the major changes that would be introduced under the Bill is the separation of power between the civil servants and the political administration.

"Malaysia is the only country in the world that has no Public Service Act... The Bill will also incorporate all new initiatives that will enhance the civil service," said Datuk Seri Borhan during a gathering with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia staff on Sunday (Dec 2).

He said the separation of power was crucial to ensure smooth implementation of public services that would not be hindered by political power.

"We want civil servants to be apolitical and at the same time strive to achieve the goals of the new government," he said.

Mr Borhan also said that changes and improvements in the civil service would take some time because civil servants had become too comfortable with the ways of the previous government.

"After 61 years under the previous government, any changes to the civil service will be a little slow. The current government is still new while the civil service is set in its ways, so there is a need for patience for us to change and adapt," he said.

Mr Borhan said the efforts to improve the civil service was in line with the policy to ensure civil servants implement all duties and responsibilities without political influence.

"Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has said that civil servants are an important element and the backbone of the country's administration," he said.

"Therefore, they have to give the highest commitment based on honesty, honour and loyalty to maintain the trust of the government and the people in the civil service."