Malaysia police seize bottled fruit juice infused with illegal drugs

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia police has nabbed a suspected drug dealer and seized about 120 bottles of fruit juice "enriched" with illegal drugs from a garage in Kuala Lumpur.

The street value of the fruit juice, which is infused with drugs Ecstasy, Erimine 5 and Ketamine is estimated to be about RM30,000.

Each bottle was being sold at between RM200 to RM300 ($60 to $90), Malaysian media reported.

About 10 police officers conducted a raid on a garage-turned-drug-factory last Saturday (Dec 2) where they arrested the suspect.

Besides the bottled fruit juice, police also found 266g of Ice at the scene.

The suspect made the drinks-to-order for frequent customers in Selangor, Narcotics Department chief Assistant Commissioner Wan Abdullah Ishak said.

He would inject powdered drugs into the base of the bottle then seal the hole, Mr Wan Abdullah said.

A total of 12 men and women have been arrested in Malaysia in the last six months for similar crimes.