Malaysia businessman's 'toy car' Jaguar draws stares

Datuk Seri Mahadi Badrul Zaman with his Jaguar that is covered in toy cars.
Datuk Seri Mahadi Badrul Zaman with his Jaguar that is covered in toy cars.PHOTO: BERNAMA VIA THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

KUALA LUMPUR (BERNAMA) - A businessman has stuck more than 4,600 toy cars onto his luxury car, which draws the stares of onlookers whenever he drives his car.

Datuk Seri Mahadi Badrul Zaman, 34, said he has been collecting toy cars since he was a child, and decided to use them to decorate his Jaguar, instead of leaving them scattered all over his house.

"I like creative ideas, and this Jaguar is my first car and has sentimental value to me, so I decided to execute the idea on it," he told Bernama on Thursday (July 6).

His creatively decorated car is an attention-grabber, with many passers-by taking photos of and with it wherever he parks the vehicle.

"So far, not many of the cars (stuck on the Jaguar) have gone missing. I will have to park at a safer spot when I drive this car," the businessman said.

He said the task of decorating the car using a special type of glue took about three weeks and cost him about RM20,000 (S$6,400).

Mr Mahadi added that since he started driving the car in January, he has received offers to buy the one-of-a-kind car.

"I will never sell this car because this has been my dream car since I was young," he said.

Asked if he would use the idea on his other cars, Mr Mahadi said he had no plans to do so at the moment but he is considering adding toy cars to his blazers or suits.

"The idea may sound crazy but when we are creative, we will be more positive," he said.