'Lovely' wife turns into a nightmare for Malaysian man after she runs away with his money and belongings

IPOH (THE STAR/ ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - For the past three years, mechanical engineer known only as Tang thought his wife to be a kind-hearted and lovely woman.

However, that changed when the banks began calling him over outstanding credit card bills, the amount running up to about RM40,000 (S$13,500) last October.

His 26-year-old wife, surnamed Chen, from Penampang, Sabah, also ran off with RM60,000 of his money and personal belongings.

Tang, 31, was heartbroken when he found out that she had also cheated three other men of their money before he met her in 2014.

"I trusted her and gave her two supplementary credit cards. I even let her handle the payment for the credit card bills," he said, adding that they got married in 2016.

"She then asked me to get a RM20,000 personal loan for her, claiming that her family needed the money for some business matter," he said at a press conference held by Perak MCA Public Service and Complaints Bureau committee member Leong Chee Wai here on Friday (March 30).

Tang, who is from Kulim but works in Lahat near here, said Chen had been missing since December and was uncontactable.

"In October, she told me she would be working with her mother's granite company in Kuala Lumpur.

"Since then, she only came home twice. The last time I saw her was in December where she gave me a bounced cheque," he said, adding that he met his wife's family who denied needing the loan.

"I checked her luggage at home and found several credit cards belonging to other people. I managed to track down three of them who told me that they were also cheated by her," he said, urging people to be wary of Chen.

"This is to let the public know that I have nothing to do with her if she continues to get loans.

"I also want her to return and settle the debt with the banks and return my money," he said.