Ladyjek: Indonesia's women-only motorbike taxi service

Jakarta resident Uki Pratiwi is calling for an "ojek", or motorbike taxi, using an app called Ladyjek.

The drivers and customers are exclusively women.

Ms Pratiwi says it's much better than getting on board a packed bus.

"In other public transportation such as public minivans, there are too many men in such a tight space, which makes me feel very uncomfortable. However, I feel safe if it's Ladyjek because the bikers are also women," she said.

The company is part of a growing number of transport services in Jakarta that caters only to women.

Its chief executive, Mr Brian Mulyadi, says business has taken off just four months after it started.

"Women need to feel safe, comfortable and practical when they use public transport. The other online motorbike taxi services are very convenient but there's no service to take care of the safety and comfort of women. That's why I created Ladyjek. I want all female bikers and users to feel comfortable and safe," said Mr Mulyadi.

Last June, a woman was raped in a public minivan, sparking uproar in Jakarta.

Safety is a priority for many women in the city of 10 million, and some train services have even begun offering female-only coaches.