Indonesian man designs double-faced car that can be driven in both directions

To make the car, Mr Roni Gunawan split two Toyota Limbo cars in half and welded them together. VIDEO SCREENGRAB FROM CNN INDONESIA

Hate reversing into a parking space? You won't have to in this car designed by a 71-year-old mechanic.

Indonesian man Roni Gunawan has invented a double-faced car using two Toyota Limbo cars, reported British newspaper The Sun.

The unusual car took six months to build, with the help of Mr Roni's 10 workers from his car workshop in Bandung in West Java.

To make the car, he split the two cars in half and welded them together.

As a result, the orange vehicle has two engines, two steering wheels, two pedals, two gear sets and a single gas tank. It can even be driven by two drivers at the same time, reported The Sun.

"I always wanted to design something unique," Mr Roni was quoted as saying.

"It was after months of hard labour... that we were able to create this beautiful car. I'm excited to have designed such a unique car."

However, just a few hours after the car was taken on the road for a spin, it was confiscated by local police for violating traffic laws.

According to a senior traffic police officer, the car does not have a reverse light and the dimensions of the vehicle are "not appropriate".

"It has violated two articles of the 2009 law on vehicle roadworthiness, including a requirement that cars feature all of the proper safety signals," the police officer reportedly said.

He added that Mr Roni had not applied for a licence to change the colour nor the shape of the vehicle.

"Also, the car has two number plates and there are even two different vehicle registration numbers as well," added the officer.

It was only after Mr Roni agreed to not use the vehicle on the roads again that the car was returned to the owner, reported The Sun.

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