Bikini party for high schoolers under probe by Indonesia child protection authorities

JAKARTA (Jakarta Post/Asia News Network) - A bikini party organised for senior high school students in Jakarta has come under the scrutiny of child protection authorities.

The party dubbed "Splash After Class", scheduled to be held on Saturday, had attracted controversy after the invitation video was circulated on social media.

The dress code was described as "bikini summer dress". Invitees were senior high school students who had just finished their national final exams.

But Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) secretary-general Erlinda said on Friday that would-be participants may be too young to attend such a party.

She said several students might have confirmed their attendance at the party.

"More than a dozen students confirmed they would attend the party [through social media], but the data is still being collected so it's not final," she said at the KPAI headquarters before a press conference with staff from a number of senior high schools mentioned in the party's invitation video.

Erlinda said the KPAI had been conducting an investigation along with the schools, the Jakarta city administration and the Jakarta Police to see whether the schools' names were simply added to the invitation video by the organiser and whether any underage children were involved.

She said she also expected the Jakarta Police to investigate whether there was any violations of the Pornography Law.

The invitation video claimed that the event, initially planned to take place at 10pm on Saturday, was supported by several public and private schools in Greater Jakarta.

She said the schools stated that they had never been contacted by the event organiser about their involvement in the event, suggesting that it was work of individuals.

"The danger with this kind of event is that not only might there be drugs and pornography involved but there might be some people who take these children's pictures for the wrong purposes," she said.

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