Bank in Malaysia loses nearly S$6,000 in 24-second armed robbery

The bank on Jalan Genting Klang where the robbery took place on June 22, 2018.
The bank on Jalan Genting Klang where the robbery took place on June 22, 2018.PHOTO: BERNAMA

KUALA LUMPUR (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - It only took 24 seconds for a man with a gun to rob a bank and get away.

The heist happened so fast that some of the bank staff - including an armed security guard - may not have been aware that a robbery took place.

It is learnt that RM17,500 (S$5,940) was stolen in the incident at 3.56pm last Friday (June 22) from the bank located in Jalan Genting Kelang.

Wangsa Maju OCPD Superintendent Mohamad Roy Suhaimi Sarif said the robber went into the bank alone as it was about to close as an accomplice waited outside on a motorcycle.

"He told everyone to not move before he went to a vacant counter, took the cash from the drawer and left," Supt Mohamad Roy said at the scene.

He said that there were two security guards present in the bank at the time.

"One was out in front but not armed. The armed guard was in the back but we are still trying to determine if he was aware of the robbery," Supt Mohamad Roy said.

No one, including two bank customers, was hurt during the robbery.

The robbery may not have been as slick as initially thought, however, as the robber did not use gloves.

"We managed to lift a fingerprint from the drawer where he took the cash from," said Supt Mohamad Roy, adding that police are still investigating all angles, including studying CCTV footage.

Police have also not ruled out the possibility of an inside job.