A timeline of Anwar's sodomy cases

Sodomy I


Sept 2: Then Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is sacked from the Cabinet of then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

Sept 20: Anwar leads a protest march in Kuala Lumpur against Tun Mahathir. He is arrested hours later

Sept 29: Anwar appears in court with a black eye, pleading not guilty to charges of corruption and sodomy. The black eye was incurred from a beating by then Inspector-General of Police Abdul Rahim Noor.

Nov 2: Anwar's trial on four counts of corruption begins.


April 1: Corruption hearing ends.

April 14: Anwar is found guilty, and sentenced to six years' jail.

June 6: Anwar's trial on charges of sodomy opens.

July 28: Anwar's former family driver Azizan Abu Bakar tells the court he was sodomized up to 15 times by Anwar.


July 18: Anwar's sodomy hearing ends.

Aug 8: Anwar is found guilty of sodomy, and sentenced to nine years' jail. It is to be served consecutively to his six-year jail term for corruption.


April 29: Anwar's corruption conviction is upheld by Malaysia's Court of Appeal.

May 24: Dr Mahathir refuses to allow Anwar to leave the country for medical treatment for his spinal injury.


April 2: Anwar's final appeal at the Federal Court against his corruption conviction ends.

July 10: Anwar loses the appeal against his corruption conviction.


April 14: Anwar finishes his first jail sentence for corruption, which is reduced to four years for good behaviour. He starts his 2nd sentence for sodomy.


Sept 2: The Federal Court overturns Anwar's sodomy conviction, and he is freed.

Sodomy II


June 28: Mohamad Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 23, a former aide of Anwar, makes police report, claimed that the Malaysian opposition leader, 60, had sodomised him at a condominium two days before.

June 30: Anwar files a defamation suit against Mohd Saiful, saying that the report was false and malicious.

Aug 7: Anwar is charged for sodomy in court. He pleads not guilty. The judge allows him to be released on a personal bond of RM20,000.


March 5: Malaysia's High Court rules that the case will be tried in the High Court.

June 17: Anwar files application to set aside his sodomy charge.

Nov 6: An application by Anwar to obtain key evidence, which he said was for his defence, is dismissed by Malaysia's Court of Appeal. This evidence included medical reports, DNA samples and witness statements from Mohd Saiful, doctors, scientists and condo owner.

Dec 1: The High Court rules that it can not strike out the sodomy charge.


Feb 3: The trial starts. Mohd Saiful is the first witness to take the stand, accusing Anwar of inviting him to take part in the act after they had finished discussing work matters.

Feb 25: Anwar loses his final legal challenge to obtain key documents.

Aug 16: Second attempt to drop the charges against Anwar fails. He appeals.

Sept 20: The Court of Appeal dismisses the appeal.


May 16: High Court orders Anwar to enter his defence on the charge. Judge describes Mohd Saiful as a truthful, credible and reliable witness.

August 22: Anwar testifies from the dock, denying he had sodomised Mohd Saiful.


Jan 9: The High Court acquits Anwar of the charges.

July 9: Prosecution files an appeal.

Sept 12: Anwar withdraws defamation suit against Mohd Saiful.


Oct 2: Court of Appeal fixes date to hear the prosecution's appeal over Anwar's acquittal.

Dec 20: Anwar fails in his second attempt to disqualify lead prosecutor.


March 6 and 7: Court of Appeal hears the prosecution's appeal over Anwar's acquittal

March 7: Court of Appeal sentences Anwar to five years' jail on sodomy charge, overturning High Court's ruling. Judge grants Anwar a stay of the sentence, pending appeal. Due to the ruling, Anwar cannot file his nomination papers for the Kajang by-election on March 10.

April 17: Anwar's lawyer Karpal Singh dies in car crash.

April 24 : Anwar makes final appeal against his sentence.

Oct 28: The Federal Court, Malaysia's highest court, hears the final appeal.

Oct 29: Lawyer Sangeet Kaur Deo tells the court that the DNA of genetic material found in the rectum of Mohd Saiful, belonging to a man dubbed as "Male Y", did not belong to Anwar. Another lawyer says it is possible that swab samples handed to chemists for analysis might have belonged to someone other than Mohd Saiful.

Oct 31: Prosecutors counter the defence's argument, affirming the truth of Mohd Saiful's testimony.

Nov 7: The Federal Court, after hearing submissions from both sides, reserves judgement on appeal.


Jan 26 : The Federal Court says it will deliver its verdict on Feb 10.

Feb 10: The Federal Court upholds Anwar's sodomy conviction, and affirms his five-year jail term.

Sources: The Malay Mail Online, CNN, The Telegraph

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