A BN party uses its own logo in a by-election, while Pakatan Harapan for first time uses joint flag

Malaysian Chinese Association's candidate for the Balakong state-seat by-election Tan Chee Teong (third from left) and other party activists showing the party's election manifesto. PHOTO: FOTOBERNAMA
Pakatan Harapan's candidate for the Balakong state-seat by-election Wong Siew Ki in front of the party's logo. PHOTO: FOTOBERNAMA

BALAKONG (Selangor) - Campaigning in a Selangor by-election has started, with a small but significant change that reflects the dramatic flip in Malaysia's political landscape.

The Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), a member of the once-mighty Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition, is for the first time using its own flag in an electoral battle.

The MCA logo is a 14-pointed yellow star, similar to the star on the Malaysian flag, on a dark blue background.

The MCA for this by-election dropped the use of BN's well-known flag of two white weighing scales on a dark blue background, after BN lost badly in the May general election.

And pointing to the rise of a new political power, the four-party ruling alliance Pakatan Harapan (PH) will for the first time use its joint logo in an election.

The PH logo is a white arrowhead on a red background. An alternative version has the arrowhead replacing the letter 'A' in the middle of the word 'Harapan'.

The PH parties, which were formerly in the opposition, had used the logo of Parti Keadilan Rakyat in the May polls.

In earlier polls, only BN has a joint logo, with the opposition parties using their own party logos in electoral battles.

The by-election for the Balakong state ward is being held following the recent death in a vehicle accident of the PH state assemblyman.

The MCA is fielding businessman Tan Chee Teong as its candidate in the PH stronghold. PH is represented by a candidate from the Democratic Action Party, Ms Wong Siew Ki , a councillor with a Selangor municipal council.

In a separate by-election in Selangor for the state seat of Seri Setia, PH is facing off with opposition Parti Islam SeMalaysia. The seat is also a PH stronghold.

Polling for both by-elections is on Sept 8.

The first by-election in Malaysia since the May general election was held on Aug 4, for the Selangor state seat of Sungai Kandis. PH retained that seat despite a strong challenge from Umno.

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