7 villagers needed to pull out 6m-long python from well in Malaysia

The 6m-long python weighed about 80kg.
The 6m-long python weighed about 80kg.PHOTO: THE STAR / ASIA NEWS NETWORK

PETALING JAYA (BERNAMA) - A teenager came across a 6m-long python at a plantation in Pasir Gudang on Sunday (Feb 25).

Mohd Noor Irfan Faizal, 15, said he was with his father Mohd Faizal Othman, 50, transporting oil palm when he heard a loud splash from a well.

"I thought it was a rock that dropped, but when I went over to look, I saw the python," Noor Irfan said.

Another villager, Syahrul Karim, 22, said that it took seven villagers to remove the python from the well.

Syahrul said he believed the python's nesting ground was in the vicinity of the village as this was not the first time it had been spotted.

Pasir Gudang senior firefighter Sharol Suboh said they received a report about the python at 6pm on Sunday.

"Five firemen in a lorry were dispatched and arrived 15 minutes later. When we got there, the villagers had already caught the python," Sharol said, adding that the snake weighed about 80kg.

He also said the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan) and the Johor Zoo had been notified and the python would be relocated.