5m-long python that ate pet cat in Thailand forced to regurgitate it

The snake was forced to regurgitate the cat, but it was already dead.
The snake was forced to regurgitate the cat, but it was already dead.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM YOUTUBE/KHAOSOD ENGLISH

A reticulated python that swallowed a pet cat in Thailand was forced to regurgitate the animal after its owner called the authorities.

The cat's owner, Ms Saowarak Charoen, told Thai news site Khaosodenglish.com in a report on Thursday (Sept 7) that the 5m-long python entered her house in Thailand's Pathom Thani province on Wednesday.

It ate her cat Bobo before hiding under the sink. Ms Saowarak called the police and wildlife control officers.

Footage of the capture showed the men trying to get the snake to regurgitate the cat, which it eventually did.

It was shown spitting the dead ginger cat out on the floor.

Ms Saowarak then buried her pet cat, and the python was returned to the wild.


As it was reportedly an annual visitor to the neighbourhood, the authorities urged nearby residents to check around their homes and keep doors and windows closed at night, The Nation reported.

Pythons are common in Thailand. In May last year, a Thai man was bitten in his private parts by a python while he was using a toilet at home.

Reticulated pythons can be found in South-east Asian countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Specimens that are between 5m and 7m long are considered large, and the snakes can grow to a length of more than 10m, according to ecology website ecologyasia.com.