Regional Round-up Podcast: Reviewing Malaysia's Covid-19 full movement control order

This Regional Round-up podcast tackles Malaysia's latest lockdown plan to combat the spread of Covid-19. PHOTO: REUTERS

Regional Round-up Ep 1: Reviewing Malaysia's Covid full movement control order

9:18 mins

Synopsis: Every Wednesday, The Straits Times' regional correspondent Leslie Lopez analyses South-east Asia's top news developments with Money FM's Elliott Danker.

They chat about the following:

1. Sabah outrage at 16 Chinese military aircraft flying into Malaysian airspace on Monday earlier this week (1:45)

2. Reviewing Malaysia's latest Full Movement Control Order from June 1-14 ( 3:24)

3. Thailand's economic stimulus plans to try and heal the damage from Covid-19 (6:09)

4. The Filipino mayor of a farming town an hour's drive north of Manila is promising to raffle a cow each month, starting September, to get his constituents to take shots of Covid-19 vaccines from China or Russia (7:19)

Produced by: Money FM 89.3 & Ernest Luis

Edited by: Aleemah Basirah

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