Woman in China injured after she accidentally enters mechanical parking lift while looking at mobile phone

After being hit by the car, the woman's leg was trapped in the mechanism of the lift. She was later rescued and sent to the hospital. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM VIDEO

A woman in China was injured after she entered a mechanical parking lift by mistake.

The unidentified woman was captured on security footage entering the lift with her head bowed looking down at her mobile phone.

The video, which was shared on Chinese social media site QQ on Dec 8, showed that the woman was oblivious to the multiple signboards warning passengers not to enter the lift.

Soon after she entered the lift, she was caught by surprise as the floor began descending underground.

The woman then begins walking but is knocked down by a car moving towards her.

According to the video, her left leg was trapped in the mechanisms of the lift as a result.

The woman was rescued by a security guard who heard her cries, and was sent to the hospital.

The woman was caught by surprise when the ground beneath her suddenly descended underground. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM VIDEO

She is recovering from her injuries, according to the video.

Accidents caused by mobile phone usage are not uncommon.

In Singapore, a video of a young woman getting hit by a taxi while crossing the road as the green man was flashing went viral in 2015. She was looking at her phone.

Earlier in May, new LED strips were installed at two locations in Singapore as part of a six-month trial by the Land Transport Authority. The new feature is meant to help "smartphone zombies" cross the road safely.

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