Woman in China held against her will rescued after ordering 'takeout' from police

BEIJING (CHINA DAILY/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - A woman being held against her will in a house in central China's Henan province managed to escape after calling the police for "food delivery".

Officer Zhang Shujuan, 49, with the Xinxiang Public Security Bureau, was answering phone calls recently when a young woman on the other end of the line asked for takeout.

The call came in and Officer Zhang said she answered as usual, "Hello, this is the 110 emergency centre", when she heard a young woman saying: "You send me some food, I will make an order later."

Since the emergency centre sometimes receives phone calls meant for food delivery, Officer Zhang thought it was such a call.

When she repeated that this was the emergency centre, the young woman on the line said, "I know, I know", and repeated, "You send me here, I will make the order later".

Officer Zhang then replied that they are not in charge of sending food.

To that, the young woman said in a low voice, "Please send me the food, I cannot go out. If I can, I will not need you to send the food."

Hearing that, Officer Zhang realised that the woman was in trouble and asked her where the food should be sent.

The young woman immediately told her the address, emphasising, "I am wearing a white coat, black T-shirt, and my hair has bangs and a braid".

Officer Zhang then asked if someone was near her and was coercing her. The young woman answered: "Yes."

Officer Zhang reported the case to the relevant public security bureau and police soon arrived at the house to get the woman out.

The caller, a woman surnamed Li, 20, later told police that she came to Xinxiang recently after meeting a man through the Internet.

The man said he would help her find a job in Xinxiang, but when she arrived, she was held against her will in a house, she said.

When she asked him about ordering takeout for lunch, he agreed, and she got the opportunity to call the police.