Woman caught with 102 iPhones and 15 watches tucked into corset at Hong Kong border

HONG KONG - It was a warm night but she was wearing many layers of clothes. And, her "fat" body looked unusual.

These were the clues that gave a suspected smuggler away at a border checkpoint between Hong Kong and mainland China on June 30, according Ifeng.com, a news website.

The woman, who was not named, was arrested with 102 iPhones and 15 watches strapped around her waist in a corset, the website reported.

Customs officials became suspicious after noticing that the woman was unusually "fat" and was wearing a lot of clothes despite the warm day.

She was then asked to walk through a metal detector, and the stash of mobile phones and watches were subsequently discovered.

Ifeng.com reported that that the phones and watches weighed about 20kg, which customs officials said was their biggest seizure of smuggled goods hidden on the body.

Last September, customs officers in Shenzhen confiscated more than 400 iPhones in a smuggling clampdown, the South China Morning Post reported.

According to regulations, travellers are allowed to take a new mobile phone into mainland China from Hong Kong, provided that it is for personal use.

Smugglers try to hide iPhones on them to avoid paying customs tax.