Typhoon Mun slams into southern China - flights cancelled, ferry services stopped

HAIKOU (XINHUA) - Mun, the fourth typhoon this year, made landfall in South China's Hainan province early on Wednesday (July 3), halting ferry services and causing the cancellation of flights.

Mun is the first typhoon to hit China this year. The provincial meteorological administration said that the tropical storm landed at around 12.45am in waters near Wanning city, packing winds with speeds reaching 18m per second near its eye.

The administration estimated that Typhoon Mun is expected to pass through the island and swirl into the Beibu Bay on Wednesday afternoon before heading for northern Vietnam. It also warned that the island and its offshore areas will be hit by gales and heavy rain.

Ferry services have been halted since Tuesday noon in the Qiongzhou Strait, and more than 30 flights were delayed or cancelled as of 9pm on Tuesday.

No casualties have been reported as the authorities have intensified safety measures with emergency plans and informed boats to return to harbours.