Taiwanese man breaks up with girlfriend over dirty bedroom

Generic photo of a messy bedroom. PHOTO: THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

TAIPEI (The Star/Asia News Network) - A Taiwanese man who never had a chance to step into his girlfriend's bedroom despite dating her for three years was eventually stunned to discover its messy state.

Apparently, soiled underwear and sanitary pads were strewn about in the room, reported China Press.

Her clothes and other belongings were left disorganised on the bed and on the floor, leaving little space to move about.

"I could not stand staying in the room any longer," he said on a Facebook post, adding that he fled.

Relating his experience in a Facebook community group, he said the girlfriend had never allowed him into the bedroom.

"I could only stay in the living room and watch TV whenever I visited her and her mother," he said.

Several days ago, the mother asked him to place some clothes in that room while the girlfriend was having her shower.

When he opened the door, the sight that greeted him made him realise why he was never allowed entry all this while.

His girlfriend, he said, broke off their relationship later.

Some netizens commented that he was lucky to be without such a disorganised person while some quipped that "her mother saved you".

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