Taiwan salon gives pets wacky fur styles

A salon in Taiwan is attracting customers with its unusual grooming designs for pets.

TAINAN, TAIWAN (REUTERS) - This is no ordinary trip to the pet groomer. At a salon in Taiwan, some cats and dogs are getting some very creative, custom haircuts.

Here, groomers are snipping the animal's fur into the face of a lion or a teddy bear or even the face of Hello Kitty.

The salon's owner has even carved out a few ideas for cats - like what she calls the "stegosaurus design".

"If a cat needs to have its fur trimmed in the summer, the most common style is almost naked. Pet owners thought that there were no other styles, so they wanted to be more creative and asked us to come up with a design for them.

"When a cat gets angry, the fur on its back stands up. That made us come up with a style called 'stegosaurus design'. It makes the cat look like a small dinosaur. The owners were happy after they saw it and thought it was quite creative," said Ou Shih-jou, owner of  Igogo pet shop.

With hairstyles like these, your furry friends are sure to stand out in a crowd.