Shoppers at Hong Kong mall injured by dripping corrosive fluid

HONG KONG - Eight people were injured on Sunday (Aug 6) by a corrosive liquid dripping from the ceiling of a shopping mall in Hong Kong's Tsuen Wan district, reported South China Morning Post.

Police say the acid leaked out of a pipeline on the second floor ceiling of Skyline Plaza.

Officers added that the acid - which was diluted - was used by drainage repairs carried out at the third floor on Saturday, reported rthk on its website.

The incident at Skyline Plaza caused panic among shoppers, and some shoppers tripped and fell .

A police spokesman said the force received a report at 12.06pm that a hole was spotted in the ceiling.

Two men and six women sustained minor injuries in the incident, the force said. Police said the liquid was suspected to be corrosive, but this was yet to be confirmed.

The injured were taken to Yan Chai Hospital for treatment.

In i-Cable news footage, a man showed a hole in his shirt apparently caused by the liquid.

"I didn't know what happened. I was talking on the phone, and then I felt a burning sensation. It was just one drip and look what happened to my shirt," the man said.