Santa takes the plunge

Father Christmas makes early stops at aquariums in South Korea and France, to hand out treats to the marine inhabitants, and delight visitors of all ages.VIDEO: REUTERS

SEOUL (REUTERS) - Santa arrived at the Coex Aquarium in Seoul, South Korea on Saturday.

He donned a diving mask so he could feed and swim with about 20,000 sardines. And he brought some early holiday cheer to delighted spectators.

"My daughter loves fish so we come here quite often. Today we had so much fun thanks to this Christmas event," said South Korean resident Kang Hyung-Seok, 38.

Santa got some help from some flipper-clad elves, and to make sure the fish behaved properly, an assistant with a skillet was there to remind them of what could happen.

Santa also made a stop at the Paris aquarium in France. He handed out treats to a variety of fish, including a Zebra shark.

"It's the first time my daughter has seen Father Christmas. It's quite magical to see the beard, the bubbles. It's beautiful," said aquarium visitor Veronique.

Wide-eyed children watched as Santa made his rounds in the tank, and began counting down the days until Santa would arrive at their homes, to bring gifts to them.