Policeman in China dies saving bystanders from speeding car

WUHAN (XINHUA) - A policeman died after saving several people from being hurt by a speeding car in central China's Hubei Province on Monday (April 30) evening.

When police in Jingshan County received calls that a car in the area was out of control and driving too fast, policeman Liu Guibin, 50, rushed to the scene with a colleague.

They tried to intervene but the driver could not be stopped, so they called for back up and tried to get pedestrians out of harm's way.

The driver drove directly into bystanders several times before officer Liu was run over as he was pushing others out of the way.

"Without his push, I would be lying there under the wheels," said one of those saved by officer Liu.

Police arrested the driver, and officer Liu was taken to hospital.

However, he and another victim died. At least three others were injured.

The case is under investigation, but so far the driver's motive is unclear.

Officer Liu became a policeman in 1994. His son had just returned from college for the May Day holiday and was waiting for him to get off duty.