Police in Hong Kong probing daredevil video: Report

Oleg Sherstyachenko in a still from his latest video.
Oleg Sherstyachenko in a still from his latest video.PHOTO: YOUTUBE

HONG KONG - Police in Hong Kong are reported to be investigating after a daredevil posted a video online of his skateboarding stunts on top of a skyscraper.

Russian adrenaline junkie Oleg Sherstyachenko posted the footage to his Instagram and YouTube accounts and the video has since gone viral, racking up nearly two million views in total.

The minute-long footage shows Sherstyachenko doing somersaults and skateboarding on a wall of the building, and dangling from metalwork - all without safety equipment.

But while his fans may love his daring stunts, police in Hong Kong are said to be unimpressed.

According to the South China Morning Post, they have opened up an investigation to see if the Russian broke any laws. In the video, someone can apparently be heard telling him in Cantonese to come down or they will call the police.

According to reports, police in Hong Kong and other major cities in mainland China face an ongoing battle with Russian rooftoop daredevils who evade security, climb tall buildings, and then produce terrifying videos about their experiences.

The trend really took off  in 2014, says Shangaiist.com, when a Russian daredevil duo managed to climb all the way up the under-construction Shanghai Tower when nobody was looking, inspiring a wave of rooftoppers to scale some of China's tallest landmarks and bring their video cameras along.