China orders crackdown on counterfeit Covid-19-related drugs

A man steps out of a pharmacy in Beijing, on Dec 29, 2022. PHOTO: BLOOMBERG

BEIJING - China’s Ministry of Public Security has ordered a strict crackdown on the production and sale of counterfeit Covid-19-related medicines, as well as relevant medical devices such as testing kits, oximeters and oxygenerators.

According to a statement issued on Monday, the ministry has ordered relevant police forces across the country to keep a close eye on the production, wholesale and retail of Covid-19-related medical supplies, as well as relevant trading on online platforms.

It also asked the police to work with other authorities to investigate possible violations reported by members of the public.

It pledged special attention to organised or serial violations, and those involving multiple regions, to resolutely bust the criminal networks and cut their profit chains. XINHUA

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