North Korean officials run to mark nation's sports day

Officials stage mass exercises in North Korea to mark the nation's sports day.

PYONGYANG (REUTERS) - North Koreans took part in sports events on Sunday (Jan 8) in Pyongyang to mark the nation's first dedicated sports day for 2017.

In the footage provided by North Korea's state news agency, KCNA, which cannot be independently verified by Reuters, officials from various state departments are seen running while chanting the slogan "fatherland unification".

"Today there will be public sports events in various places in the capital. And here in Kim Il Sung square, officials from ministries and national institutions are taking part in various sports games," a Sports Director of General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea, Hong Song Hyon, said.

After the group run, the officials practised Taekwondo and gymnastics at Kim Il Sung square, KCNA added.

According to the South Korean Unification Ministry, North Korea has been marking every second Sunday of each month as national sports days since 1992.