Nike called out for false marketing on China TV

China's annual consumer rights TV show puts Nike in the hot seat, skewering it for false advertising over sneakers.

BEIJING (REUTERS) - Nike is in the crosshairs of China's yearly brand-bashing rally on Wednesday night (March 15).

An infamous state media show known as "3.15" skewering the sports brand for false advertising saying it misled consumers over air cushions in its 'Hyperdunk' basketball shoes.

The consumer rights day special names and shames big firms for bad behaviour and has taken aim at Apple and Volkswagen in the past sending corporate PR teams scurrying to take evasive action.

A quick Nike statement after the show confirmed the US sports brand sold 300 pairs of shoes last year with quote "an inaccurate product description stating the shoe contained airbags."

It apologised and offered refunds.

The other big target was Japanese brand Muji, called out for allegedly selling food sourced from a part of Japan hit by radiation from the Fukushima disaster.

The show also tried to snag domestic brands.

Fake eye doctors scamming patients and breeders over-medicating animals to make them grow faster.

The show draws hundreds of millions of viewers but it's also brought results, and goodwill gestures from brands that have been singled out in the past, anything from free McDonald's Apple pies to iPad giveaways.

No word yet if sneaker-loving Chinese can look forward to half-price shoes next year.