Mystery solved: BBC Skype dad was wearing pants

On Tuesday (March 14,) we got another look at the most famous home office in the world, and this time, the entire family was invited.

Professor Robert Kelly, whose live segment with BBC News was hilariously interrupted by his two children in a video that exploded on the Internet, finally broke his silence this week. 

The Internet’s most famous family - Professor Kelly, his wife Kim Jung-A, four-year-old Marion and eight-month-old James - appeared for interviews with several media outlets and they tackled all the major questions.

Whose fault was it?

For those wondering if there was some sort of family scolding after the whole debacle, Prof Kelly said he took the blame for everything. “I had foolishly not locked the door, it’s really all my fault,” he said.

His wife agrees. 

What was going through his mind as it was going on?

Prof Kelly’s reactions in the original video have been scrutinised down to every blink. He revealed that he could see Marion walking into the room on his screen.

But he still had hoped then that he could smooth things over - cue the no-look stiff-arm that many have obsessed over. Then, James, cruised into the room. 

“I was hoping that maybe my daughter might sit down and read a book or something, even for thirty seconds until we could just cut the interview, but once my son came in on the little roller, then it was sort of... then there was nothing I could do,” said Prof Kelly.

Was he wearing pants?

This is what many thought would happen had Prof Kelly stood up to help his wife wrangle the kids.

He’s definitely wearing pants now. PHOTO: BBC NEWS/YOUTUBE

Well, the answer is yes - according to him. “I was wearing pants,” Prof Kelly said, although he admitted to the Wall Street Journal they were jeans. Ms Kim helpfully added that they had celebrated their daughter’s birthday at the kindergarten earlier that day, so they were wearing “normal clothes”.

What was mum doing at the time?


She was watching and recording the interview on TV in the living room, so you would think that she would have been clued in the second Marion appeared. Here’s the kicker - the broadcast was on a 20-second delay.

The second she saw the intrusion on TV, she came “flying down the hallway”.

Ms Kim said: “I couldn’t think anything at the time, it was a kind of blackout.”

Will Ms Kim be rewarded?

She saved the day, so will she get something for her efforts?

BBC presenter James Menendez put to Prof Kelly the suggestion that he should “buy her a spa day”.

His lovely reply: “That’s certainly true. My wife deserves a medal for taking care of us and taking care of our family. I should do that. Thank you. Good suggestion.”

Will Marion listen this time?

The little girl refused to budge when Prof Kelly casually shoved her in the original video, and it took no little effort to be removed from the room.

Would she behave for this interview? Short answer: no.

Witness her gnawing on a hammer:


Your face when you get a scolding from mum on live TV:


She does a disappearing act, coming back in frame intermittently (spot her feet):


Marion, we are big fans.

Where did that swagger come from?

Marion had a birthday celebration earlier that day, explained Prof Kelly: “She was in a hippity-hoppity mood that day because of the school party.”

This is also how we walk after after our birthday party.

Did they find it funny as well?

"If you watch the tape I was sort of struggling to keep my own laughs down. They’re little kids and that’s how things are,” he said.

"Yes I was mortified, but I also want my kids to feel comfortable coming to me.”