Man saves 4 people using a crane, after bus plunges into river in China

A quick-thinking crane driver from eastern China has earned praises from netizens for rescuing four people after a public bus plunged into a river.

The accident happened in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, on Jan 3, according to local media reports.

In a video posted on Chinese social media sites, which has since gone viral, the bus is seen slamming into a car before veering off the road and into the river.

The car, which was travelling in the opposite direction, appears to have skidded before it crashed dramatically into the bus, which had five people on board.

Upon witnessing the accident, the crane driver is seen on video climbing down from his crane and running across the road to check the situation.

He later returns to his vehicle and drives it to the river bank, before using it to pull the four passengers to safety.

The driver escaped on his own, according to media reports.

Several users of Chinese social media site Weibo lauded the man for his heroic act.

Said one user: "This is indeed touching. We should not forgetthat there are people around who are truly selfless."