Man in China sprays insecticide into his ear to remove cockroach trapped for three days

BEIJING (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - A man in southern China sprayed pesticide into his ear canal to kill a cockroach that was trapped inside for almost three days.

The Chengdu Economic Daily reported that a cockroach crawled into the ear of a 60-year-old man in Chengdu on February 1.

As a last resort, after trying by every means he could think of - including tooth picks and tweezers - to scoop the invader out after almost three days, the frustrated man sprayed pesticide into his ear canal, which killed the pest.

However, the carcass of the cockroach remained stuck in the man's ear, which had turned swollen from the external irritation and chemicals in the pesticide.

He went to a major hospital to remove the pest, which was found to be about 1cm long.

A doctor at the hospital explained to the Daily that cockroaches seek warm places to shelter in winter and human ears ticked most boxes on the list of desirable qualities for cockroach habitat.

The doctor advised that when a cockroach snuck into an ear, the best solution was the to flood the ear with clean oil, which is more effective than water in smothering the insects.

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